Our Mission - Stability for the Future!

A3P is a coalition of advocates for justice, opportunity advancement and the security of our nation. Many have fought for our rights to freedom, and undergone extensive security training to protect our livelyhood. We salute those in power who watch over us each and every day.

At A3P we are a bipartisan assembly with no political agenda. The advocacy of our intrinsic rights and liberties as citizens of this great nation are our primary concern. Please join us in our movement to preserve our liberties. Together we stand!

The Quest for Liberty

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Our representatives are touring the country, spreading the message of justice and security to preserve our liberties.

Impacting Businesses to Advocate Change

From technology to the professional services industry, our board is comprised of Attorneys, CPAs, CTOs, Investment Bankers, and other C-Level Executives.

Supported by Individuals Like You

A3P operates on the support of our supporters, just like you! Contact Us for specific sponsorship opportunities.

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  • Biography Our nonpartisan approach to leadership holds the mantra, bonum commune communitatis, as we advocate for this nation's greater good.
  • News We urge every American to vote on November 8, 2016 for Election Day.
  • Program At A3P we advocate for liberty. We are outspoken supporters of our constitution, and the great nation for which our forefathers intended.